With over 40 years of International Racing over 5 World Championship disciplines, and both Olympians, Michele & Maggie have the experience necessary to help you achieve your goals.

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We are the exclusive Nelo dealer for the West Coast of the USA, which includes California, Washington, Oregon and Hawaii.

As athletes we only used the best, and now we are stoked to bringing the best in the world to our paddlers!


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Our ONLINE TRAINING PLANS involve paddle sport specific coaching and offer you the chance to get World Class Coaching from wherever you are in the planet.

We offer programs designed specifically for you.

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Training with Cadence

Training with Cadence

Wehave the convenience of a small waterproof device that effortlessly attaches to your paddle, and communicates real-time cadence info directly to your GPS. Why is this important? Where do I start...
Injuries & Paddling

Injuries & Paddling

Elbows & Paddling: a guide to overcoming those nasty tendon issues Taking roughly 70 strokes per minute, for about 60-80 minutes ...
Rio 2016 Blog #1

Rio 2016 Blog #1

This post was originally posted on our old blog in 2016.


I have been training under Michele's guidance for the past 8 months to prepare for events of different size. I can see the results of training smart when dreaming big, especially when having a busy working life and a family to run. Thanks for the support and keep up with the good work. Ciao, Frederik

Frederik Farina (Vietnam)

Over the years, Michele Eray has established herself in a league of her own when it comes to both downwind surfing and coaching.

She has both been to the Olympics and coached Maggie Hogan who just qualified for RIO. This on top of her second to none surfing ability puts her in the unique spot of possibly being the most qualified Surfski coach on the planet.

Carter Johnson (Downwind Guru, USA)

Working with Paddle California has been enlightening. After years of building my own training plans, it was time to reach out to the professionals to change things up. The personalized plan we created is super fun, with a great deal of variability while still being focused on my goals and weaknesses. When I’ve had questions, the responses have been quick and spot on, while the platform we use to plan and log the training has been great to monitor my progress thru. Overall, I couldn’t be happier with the progress I’ve made thru this detail orientated plan created by Michele and Maggie, two of the most passionate paddlesports professionals I’ve had the pleasure to work with.

Chris Hipgrave (USA)

"THE NUMBERS DON'T LIE" Working with the coaches at Paddle Cal
and training with their programs, over the last 4 months, I have shaved off time from my Sprint competitions and gained strength and endurance in my Marathon races.

Races where I never finished in the top 20's, I am now finishing in the top 5. The program gave my training "structure"
and daily "building blocks" to success.

I plan to continue with
Team Paddle Cal.

Gregory Crouse (Team USA)

Michele agreed to coach me in 2014; within a year, her innovative approach helped me turn my sprinting career around. I went from being ranked 3rd in the US to 1st, won the first medal at the World Championships (by a US citizen) in 20 years and went on to qualify for the 2016 Olympic Games. Michele was a driving force behind the best two years of my sprinting career.

I'm very excited to join forces with Michele and offer this unique style and delivery of coaching to our paddling family around the world. By joining the Paddle California team, I know you will achieve your goals and have a blast along the way!

Maggie Hogan (USA 2016 Olympian)

If you have a chance to attend Maggie and Michelle’s Olympic presentation, please make the time! It’s a tale of courage, grit and determination against all the odds, but always told with humility and self-deprecation. Both Maggie and Michelle are delightful speakers, obviously love what they do and their enthusiasm is infectious. 
I’ve also been fortunate enough to benefit from Maggie and Michelle’s coaching and training program, which I also highly recommend. As a mid-pack enthusiast looking more for general fitness than racing prowess, their program has been perfect for me and allowed me to customize training based on my available time. I also find that the recommended volumes and intensities are extremely realistic.

Simon Brownlie