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This blade is a merge between the Odin and the Magni, equal parts parallel and teardrop shape-blade. This allows instant power at the catch, and a solid pull and finish. Its a medium sized blade, similar in surface area to the Odin.

Gara offers different color shafts, which adds a great custom feature. The shafts come in various stiffness grades, from our softest, most forgiving shaft (100% Glass) to 40% Carbon, 60% Carbon, 80% Carbon to 100% Carbon.

We have upgraded all our shafts to Ultra Light shafts at no extra cost!

The high quality joiner ensures no slippage.

Paddle California keeps a small amount of stock, so please check first as to which colors we have. If we don't have what you are looking for, we can order.


Length 497 mm
Width 165 mm
Weight 220 g (per blade)
Surface Area 736 cm² (CAD calculated)


*We will match any price - provide us with a valid invoice and we will match it!