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The Odin is a teardrop shaped blade with a relatively soft catch. The design of the paddle allows the paddler to achieve an earlier catch and an efficient exit. This is Gara's best all-round paddle.

The blade, designed and used by 10 x World Canoe Marathon Champion Hank McGregor, comes in 3 sizes.

Gara offers different color shafts, which adds a great custom feature. The shafts come in various stiffness grades, from our softest, most forgiving shaft (100% Glass) to 40% Carbon, 60% Carbon, 80% Carbon to 100% Carbon. The high quality joiner ensures no slippage.

We include the ULTRA LIGHT SHAFT at no extra cost!

Paddle California keeps a small amount of stock, so please check first as to which colors we have. If we don't have what you are looking for, we can order.


Gara S

Length 478 mm
Width 166 mm
Weight 199 g (per blade)
Surface Area 677 cm² (CAD calculated)


Gara M

Length 494 mm
Width 170 mm
Weight 210 g (per blade)
Surface Area 713 cm² (CAD calculated)


Gara L

Length 504 mm
Width 175 mm
Weight 215 g (per blade)
Surface Area 765 cm² (CAD calculated)


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