Nelo 550ML surfski

Nelo 550 ML

The very popular 550 ski has been remodeled to fit the smaller paddler.

The dimensions of the 550 are 5.5 meters long and 46cm wide. The dimensions do nothing to illustrate what this surfski really paddles like. The 550 paddles close to the stability of the 520 and the speed of the 560. It surfs the waves and turns like a much shorter ski but on the flat it still feels like a 560.

Here's a fun video of the 550 in action:

Available in a Carbon Kevlar Vacuum Epoxy (4) or Carbon Epoxy Vacuum (7) Construction.

Technical Specs:

Length: 5.5m / 18ft

Width: 46cm / 18 inches

Weight: 4 - 12.5kg / 27.5lbs  7 - 11kg / 24lbs 

Paddler weight: up to 80kg / 176lbs

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