Nelo K1 Vintage Quattro

The Nelo K1 Vintage Quattro is available in both the M and the L sizing.

This stable racing K1 has had an upgrade, keeping it up to current standards of manufacture. The main new features are mentioned below:


  1. CFD Analysis of Previous Models
  2. Tank Static Testing
  3. Real Scenario Testing
  4. 3D Modeling / CNC Tooling 


  1. Deformation Analysis
  2. Fiber Mapping
  3. Resin Cure Monitoring
  4. "One Piece Construction"


Stronger constructions and new surface for better gripping

New rudder wheel for continuous tension and accuracy

More adjustable, less weight and surface options for gripping

Less movement and high durability


  1. Optimized Shape and Balance
  2. Solid Construction with Minimized Deformation
  3. Ergonomic and Low Energy Loss Fittings
  4. Top End Performance

This iimrovement in design comes from the world leading kayak manufacturer Nelo. Based in Portugal, the company is renowned for its excellent quality and workmanship, and their kayaks and canoes took 27 of the 36 medals available at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, that's 75%!


M: <75 kg / 165 lbs 

Beam: 41 cm / 16 inches

Cockpit: 92 cm x 39 cm / 36 inches x 15 inches 

L: Over 70 kg / 155 lbs               

Beam: 41 cm / 16 inches

Cockpit: 92 cm x 39 cm / 36 inches x 15 inches 

construction types: F, WWR, G, SCS, E

Please note that the SCS construction all have the option of custom design. For all other orders, please use the design tool here, download your design as a pdf and email it to us on

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